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Social Media Communication and 5 ways to boost it



Category: Social Media

Social Media Communication and 5 ways to boost it

28 OCTOBER 2016

Category: Social Media

Social Media Communication and 5 ways to boost it



Category: Social Media

Social Media Communication is one of the key aspects of branding and marketing. The way your company communicates with customers shapes the image of the company. So how to do it right? How to communicate in a way that will strengthen your brand?

Consistency in Social Media Communication

No matter if it’s about TV advertising, engaging customers on social media or designing a leaflet. Your message must be consistent across all channels of communication and be part of a coherent strategy. If your company is about providing top quality products and professional customer support, then you should present yourself as a professional. When you communicate with your customers always stay true to your brand values. It might be worth to prepare a small guide for your employees and train them on how to handle phone calls, how to approach customers etc. It is a very popular thing to do and it really helps you deliver the right message to your customers.

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Authenticity in Social Media Communication

People like to engage with people not answer machines. When you communicate with your customers, act and talk as a person. How do you feel when you call a company to make a complaint and you are forced to get through 10 different answer machines and eventually reach a person who doesn’t seem to listen to you and simply repeats the same thing over and over? This is destructive to every brand and leaves very bad impression. Your voice and your tone matters hugely. By being authentic and sympathetic you can win your customers trust.

“The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”~ Haroon Rashid

Audience engagement in Social Media Communication

Before the social media revolution, it was enough for companies to simply send their message to customers. Now things work differently. Your brand is shaped by what is being said about you in the social media. One customer can tweet something that goes viral and influences how people will see you.

That is why you can’t just talk to people. You need to engage with them and actively shape your image in the social media. By having a conversation on Twitter or Facebook you will strengthen your brand. If you have an interesting conversation on Twitter it will not only influence the person you talked with, but also thousands of others who are going to read it. Don’t waste that opportunity!

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social media communication, social media, marketing, instagram, rh technology

But do it right.

One bad tweet can lead to a failure on a truly global scale. This is what happened to DiGiorno Pizza which decided to join a conversation on a trending topic #WhyIStayed. Unfortunately, the company did not notice that it was a discussion about why women stayed in abusive relationships. Rather insensitive “#WhyIStayed You had Pizza” shocked users and damaged the company reputation.

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Know your customers

You know your values and you should also know your customers. Your social media communication should be tailored to their needs and preferences. If you communicate with your customers the way they communicate with each other you will find it easier to build a real relationship between you and your customers. Such relationships create a loyal customer base and contribute to the image of your brand.

These few simple tips should allow you to improve your social media communication and ultimately build a stronger brand.

Author: Pete Gypps

Author: Pete Gypps

Director of Business Development

Specialisations in transforming SMB and Enterprise businesses from On-Premise Communication products to Cloud Technology.

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