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How to make the most out of your brand

What does it mean to make the most out of your brand? To us it means being able to use your image, identity and presence to turn as many people into loyal customers as possible.
This article is not going to be about increasing your revenue via branding.

How to use AI in your marketing campaign

AI is one of the buzzwords that’s being thrown around by magazines, start-ups, influencers and businesses nowadays. And since it gets so much traction, there must be something in it, doesn’t it?

How to automate your email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful method of engaging your customers. There are still far more email addresses than there are Facebook accounts – that tells something about the size of audience you can tap into!

Google and Facebook algorithm changes

Facebook and Google came about to be the biggest online platforms, which largely define the way we communicate, search and know. Any change to policies of either of these giants will impact billions of people.

Web design do’s and don’ts

Web design is not a piece of cake. To do this right, you need to become a specialist in SEO, copywriting, picking the right images, user experience…. the list could go on and on. But, the good news is – a lot of people have already done that and saw huge successes! You can be next!

How to promote your content for free

Everything is easier when you have the money. You can avoid the hustle and reap the benefits much quicker. But that’s not what we are going to talk about today! Today we will focus on making the most out of the things that are free!

How to create a trustworthy brand

Ever thought about setting up a business? Well, getting started is actually the easy part. You define what do you want to do, gather the budget, fill out some legal paperwork and go on to conquer the world!

The Ultimate Linkedin Cheatsheet

The Ultimate Linkedin Cheatsheet 15 JULY, 2017 Category: Social Media Author: Seb Waligorski The Ultimate Linkedin Cheatsheet 15 JUNE 2017 Category: Social Media Author: Seb Waligorski The Ultimate Linkedin Cheatsheet 15 June, 2017 Category: Social Media Author: Seb...

How to build emotional connection with your customers

As you already know we defined branding as creating an ‘image’ of the company and portrayed brands as being ‘intangible’. Building such an image of the company and planting it in customers’ minds requires emotional links between the company, its customers and the society as a whole. Brands are inevitably driven by emotions.

Top 10 SEO techniques to boost up your website.

So you’ve made a significant investment in your new website over the past few weeks and months; you’ve spent time ensuring that it presents your company, products and services in the best possible light. You’ve stayed up late making sure that it’s easy, and attractive, for website visitors to click through and join your sales process, or order your products or services in just a few clicks.

Find out which fonts and colours drive the world’s top brands.

In the past few weeks, we talked a lot about both typography and colours in business, colours in social media marketing and colours in branding. Now we wanted to show you an infographic that explains how the biggest brands in the world use colours and typography to make their companies look different and still communicate their core values.

How to successfully globalise your brand.

Expanding your brand to new countries is very exciting. It means you have been successful in your area and are ready to grow. If done right, such expansion can further strengthen your brand, but you need to be aware of many challenges that come with entering new markets.

Colours in Social Media Marketing

You can find an article on our blog talking about colours in branding- check here. But as you know it does not only affect your brand. A proper use of colours may increase conversion rates in your social media or even convince a customer to a purchase. Take a look at those two infographics that represents the power of colours.

Social Media Cheat Sheet for users and brands.

Managing social media profiles isn’t easy. Especially if your business uses more than 3 of them. Each platform is different and you need to adjust your content to every single one. Posting the same content on all social media platforms doesn’t make any sense as each platform gathers a different audience.

Top 5 Social Media Management platforms of 2016

Social Media Management Tools are becoming very important in the temporary business. It helps you to manage, schedule posting, follow, monitor and analyse the results of your social media efforts. Check out a superb infographic that may help you to choose the right one.

20 tips for a successful business website

Think of your small business website as a business card, but with greater reach and depth. Like a business card, your website needs to impress anyone who views it. Here are 20 tips to help you create a beautiful and impressive business website.

Let’s talk about your logo

Logo is a crucial part of every business. If you read our articles you know that your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s much more than that.