Website- Why you should redesign yours.



Category: Web Design

Website- Why you should redesign yours.

21 NOVEMBER 2016

Category: Web Design

Website- Why you should redesign yours.



Category: Web Design

Website design is an important part of your overall branding. Your website is the ‘face’ of your company and an opportunity for you to showcase your work. There is usually a lot of hype around the launch of a new website, but there is one more aspect that business owners sometimes forget – it should be regularly updated.

Some people assume that the website, just like the logo or uniforms are mostly ‘constant’ – you don’t change them unless you need to rebrand. That is not exactly accurate. There are a number of reasons to keep your website regularly updated.

Website, email spoofing, hacking, rh technology

Your business and your website should evolve together

Your business constantly evolves. Keeping your website up to date and making sure that it reflects what you are doing is important because it creates a perception of an active business. If you don’t update it regularly, your website will gradually lose relevance, and do more harm than good by misrepresenting your business.

The line between Online and Offline is blurring.

Making it onto the first page of Google.

Another, perhaps even more important reason to update your website is that this is what Google prefers! Remember, most people only look up the first couple of search results that come up in Google search. Most users never make it to the 2nd page of Google’s search results and only do so when they don’t find what they were looking for on the 1st page. Staying on top of the search results is extremely important.

Website, ICT Helpdesk, Security, email spoofing, hacking, rh technology
Website, ICT Helpdesk, Security, hacking, rh technology

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. ~ Bill Gates

Google algorithms are ever changing, but the golden rule is: if your website is ‘alive’ – full of new and regularly updated content – it will be deemed ‘more important’ by virtually all search engines and is more likely to come on top of the search results. Websites that don’t change are never going to come up high in search results. Regularly posting news, running a blog, or just refining your company’s description can help you to stay ahead of your competition.

Website, ICT Helpdesk, Security, email spoofing, rh technology

It doesn’t have to be difficult!

Here at Ionize we realise that keeping your website content updated can be challenging, but we are here to help you. Other companies often charge for even the smallest changes to your websites and give you little control over it. We are different – Our intuitive control panel allows you to post new content or run a blog without any technical knowledge. What is more, with our subscription-based website we make small changes and update your website completely free of charge.

You can call our Design and Technological Team or use the form below if you need a new website:
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7am-7pm, Monday-Friday

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Author: Seb Waligorski

Author: Seb Waligorski

Digital Media Manager at Ionize

I am a Branding and Digital Media Specialist creating Business Recognition and Online Visibility since 2010. I make sure that businesses stand out from their competitors and benefit from increasing customer loyalty and sales.

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